Learning about Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home
An Easter Tri-Parish Event

(with St. Joseph, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Our Lady of the Fields Parishes)

In June 2015, Pope Francis released his historic encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care for our Common Home. In it, he urgently calls “every person living on this planet” to start a dialogue and begin to transform our hearts and communities on how we are shaping the future of our planet. Pope Francis calls the Church and the world to acknowledge the urgency of our environmental challenges and to join him in embarking on a new path.

Read the encyclical here.


  • To enhance awareness of the principles and practices articulated in and drawn from Laudato Si’ among all parishioners
  • To help families discover their responsibilities for forming the way they think about and use material resources in their lives
  • To invite parish members to be more conscious of the impact of their behaviors on others through our care for the environment and one another

WEEKLY REFLECTIONS – Look for the reflections each week in April 2018!

TAKING ACTION Suggested activities for you and your family on how to contribute locally, nationally, and globally.


We ask that during the month of April, please take time to read, review, and reflect on the Laudato Si information emailed to you each week and discuss with your family members their important role in caring for the environment.  Then send us photos of what you and your family members have done to make a difference in our world.  Simply email your images, a brief explanation of the photo and identify your home parish to laudatosi@olfparish.com and we will post them on our site.

For more information, please contact your home parish:

Bees and pollinator exhibit at Quiet Waters Park on Earth Day

Stormwater and pollutants exhibit: learn more at rainscaping.org

Parishioner reducing her carbon footprint by downsizing while still dishwashing by hand, using organic food supplies including Holy Beeswax honey from OLF, using reusable cloth napkin, consuming Fair Trade and organic tea and hot chocolate. Also using a sun screen on her windshield that blocks over 90% of UV rays and heat in the summer so less AC is needed!