Hello families,

If you are new to the area and would like to sign your child up for Faith Formation classes, please contact the Faith Formation office at 410-923-6953.


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To sign up for Flocknote for Children’s Faith Formation fill out your information on this page. Data/text rates apply.  If you wish to receive reminders, updates, and other important information about your child’s classes without being charged by your mobile phone company, choose to leave your phone number blank. Or click here https://new.flocknote.com/OLFparish/childfaithform16

Loyola Press website for our new curriculum www.findingGod.com or click here Finding God to be taken directly to the Parent/Student section.  There is an abundance of information there, so please give yourself 30 minutes to become familiar with what is available.

Family Worship WeekendsFWW

Important: Here are the dates for the Family Worship Weekends 2016

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                         FWW February 19, 2017

FWW March 26, 2017

FWW April 16, 2017

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A Message from Msgr. Jay O’Connor…

Dear Faith Formation Families:

In a few weeks we begin our faith formation programs. It is amazing how this picks up the pace of our parish life and ministry, and brings our parish facilities to life each day. I look forward to sharing this year of learning, prayer, sacramental preparation, and welcoming new members to the Catholic faith through the RCIA.

There is a saying in our faith: lex orandi, lex credendi—the way we pray reflects what we believe. It reminds us that our payer and our worship is an essential element of faith formation. This year we are focused on integrating our prayer—family prayer and community prayer– into our faith formation program in a formal way.

One week each month, instead of having the customary class times, faith formation students will be expected to attend Sunday Mass with their families. The themes of those Sunday liturgies will reflect what is being taught in the faith formation curriculum and giving you the opportunity to discuss and pray about these liturgical themes with your children during the Sunday time together and into following week.

Because I believe prayer is a central component of faith formation, I hope you will attend mass with your children each week, pray with your children each evening, and make a special effort to participate in our Faith Formation Sunday Masses and continue to reflect on themes of our prayer during the following week.  When we pray together we stay together in our families and in our parish.

 May God bless this coming Faith Formation year with wisdom and knowledge, and help us pray and learn how to practice our faith in the midst of our busy lives.

 May God’s Peace be Yours,

Msgr. Jay